Why should I call a locksmith when I am locked out of my car?

If you are in Boca Raton and you find yourself locked out of your car, you should call FRLocksmith because only experienced and trained locksmiths should be attempting to open the door for you.  The only exception is if you have a pet or child locked in the car.  If that is the case, either break the glass or call 911.  However, cars are a big investment and for that, you want to protect your investment when ever possible.  Contacting FRLocksmith to open the door will result in a hassle free experience and reduce the potential of causing damage to your car.

Before calling the police or automotive service company, note that they rarely have the specialized tools that a professional locksmith has at all times.  FRLocksmith technicians are trained professionals use finesse, not force to open you car door.  There are several instances when a job preformed by someone other then a trained locksmith has cost the owner $350 or more in repairs needed to the lock or door opened by others.

What is a locksmith Association?

Locksmith Associations are organizations committed to safeguarding the trust society has placed in Security Professionals, and the Security Industry. This is pursued in a number of ways, varying from Association to Association and from State to State. Some principle ways are:

Accountability – through security checks, fingerprinting, background investigations, licensing, etc.

Training – through ongoing hands-on classes at the local, state and national levels, including Manufacturer and Distributor sponsored classes and seminars.

Education – through Association newsletters and National-level Journals, Books and Manuals.

What do I do If I lost my keys?

Call a FRlocksmith. The National Locksmith company that cangenerate new keys for most types of locks, this includes Autos, Motorcycle and ATV’s as well as home locks.

What is a Master Key?

A Master Key is created when a group of locks are “custom” coded so each lock uses a different key, but a combination is “added” so one key will open all locks. It is a myth that there exists a particular Master Key that will open all locks. In order to Master-key a group of locks the locks must all be made by the same manufacturer or at least have “common” Keyways. In a group of locks that are Master-keyed (MK) each lock is operable by both it’s own individual key and the Master-Key. Each individual key operates it’s own lock only. The Master-Key operates all the locks in the group. Other systems are also possible using sub-Masters, Grand-Masters, etc.

Can A Locksmith cut a key from a number?

In many cases keys can be made by a Locksmith from the code number of a lock. This is common with vehicles, padlocks, filing cabinets, etc. Requiring proof of ownership before cutting a key by code is a standard procedure used by Security Professionals to safeguard security.

I want all of my locks on my house to take the same key, can this be done?

Yes, FRLocksmith can help you do this in a fast and professional manner. In most cases you can keep your existing locks and you can have us code them alike. This is refereed to “Keyed Alike”. An easy test to see if your existing locks are able to be keyed alike, is to see if the one common key will enter the cylinders (key way) on the other locks. Generally, if one common key will enter all locks, then they can all be “Keyed Alike”. If your locks are not compatible, you may be able to use most of your locks, and need to purchase 1 or 2 to accomplish your goal. Consult with your locksmith, we can help get you on the right track, with a minimum amount of money spent.

Someone Has stolen my keys, I need to change my locks, Do I have to buy new locks?

No. You can have FRLocksmith “rekey your locks. Re-keying a lock is the process of replacing the tumblers (pins, wafer tumblers) of a lock cylinder with new tumblers of different sizes. A new key will coincide with the new tumblers and the old key will no longer work. In other words, it is not necessary to buy new locks. Re-keying locks is something that should be done if you have moved into a new residence or lost a set of keys. Most automobile locks can be Re-keyed as well. Re-keying locks is usually significantly less expensive than replacing locks.

I have a new car, It has some kind of security device built into the key, do I have to go to the dealer to get a copy?

NO. FRLocksmith can reproduce these keys. Including the latest high security vehicle keys. In nearly all cases, your locksmith will save you money over the dealer. Believe it or not, your locksmith is usually more familiar with, how these systems work, than your dealer. Also most locksmiths require that you purchase the keys from them. They do not cut keys from the internet and special equipment is required by the locksmith to program the keys to the car and challenge codes needed to be input into the program to make the keys work properly.