Locked Out Of Your Car? Not Again!

It's a cold Friday morning and you are getting ready to go to work. You have your to-go coffee mug in your left hand and your phone in your right; you are just two feet away from your car and are getting ready to reach for your coat pocket to grab your car keys. You always leave your keys into your winter coat pocket so it's easier to keep track every day. But as you are getting ready to pull one of your mug-phone-keys jugglery trying not to drop anything on the ground, your heart stops for a fraction of a second. You can't feel your keys into your pocket. “OK, no need to panic”, you tell yourself. Your keys must be in the other pocket. But as you discover two seconds later, they're not. You try to remain calm and you put your coffee mug on the car hood. But something shiny suddenly catches your eye – a ray of sun is dropping right onto your keys that are apparently inside the ignition switch! How could this be? You must have gotten home so tired from work a night before that you simply didn't realize you locked your keys in. Now what?

You Are Prone To Lock Yourself Out At Some Point!

At least this is what the American Automobile Association claims while speaking of the four million motorists that call them on a yearly basis on grounds of having locked themselves out of their vehicles. As you can imagine, there are lots of other lock-out victims that choose different emergency lockout services like https://www.247austin-locksmith.com/emergency-locksmith, so four million does probably not been begin to cover the real numbers. There are more than 210 million licensed drivers in the U.S., you being one of the clumsy ones is not that big of a deal.

What To Do Next Time You Are Locked Out Of Your Vehicle?

  • Assess the situation: What time of day is it? What's the weather like? Are you familiar with the surroundings? Do you feel in danger? Do you have your phone and wallet on you?

  • Call 911: if the lockout occurs at night and/or you are in a potentially dangerous location/really bad weather, you might have to call 911 for help. They will most likely reach your location faster than other options and unlock the vehicle free of charge.

  • Call someone with a spare key: If you're in a safe place, you needn't call 911 which might be most people's intention. If you know you have left a spare key at your home, the office, or a reliable neighbour/friend, make a phone call and have the key be delivered to you. If the vehicle you were driving does not belong to you, call the rightful owner and see if they have a spare key and if they can reach your location.

  • Call an emergency locksmith/towing service: Not all towing service will have the tools needed to unlock your specific locks, so make sure you clear this aspect when making your original call. Rely on a locksmith that specializes in automotive service and emergency lockouts. You can also opt for a popular locksmith company that offers the entire range of car, home, and office services – they usually employ well-trained, experienced, and licensed locksmiths that can handle all car makes.

  • They also provide fast 20-minute response times like the fellows at 24/7 Austin Locksmith so they should be able to reach any Austin location fast and pick your locks hassle-free.

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  1. Ben Allen
    Ben Allen says:

    I appreciate the information on emergency lockout services. I agree that locking yourself out of you car can be a huge hassle and it can be very convenient to have a lockout service nearby and handy on your phone. I would think that lockout services are typically pretty busy since there seems to be a lot of people locking themselves out of their cars.


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