Installing New Locks Versus Rekeying

What do you normally do when your shoe heel or belt break? Are you the type of person who grabs the glue or the needle and thread in a desperate attempt to get everything fixed? Do you have any problems with buying new things whenever old ones break, or do you despise being forced to spend money you weren't planning on spending? Then you might have a hard time deciding when it is time to actually install a new lock on your front door, or whether you are better off simply rekeying the current lock. Locksmiths receive a lot of calls from customers who say they need their locks changed. But do they really? A professional locksmith should be able to clearly and rapidly determine whether a lock needs rekeying, or if it is time to have the lock replaced. And you might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of customers who are clueless this option even exists, or have no idea how to choose the best solution for their particular needs.247 Boston Locksmith rekey and install locks

What Does Lock Rekeying Involve?

When rekeying a lock, we remove the pins and springs from the cylinder and have them replaced with new ones. The new set of pins and springs will then work together with a brand new key.

Why Rekey Your Locks?

  • Because your wish to be the only person holding on to the keys to a new property you have just purchased. You will need to account for all keys made to operate all the locks on the door of your new house or apartment. Since you don't really have a clear idea on the number of people who have previously had access to the old set of keys, or the contractors who have worked on your newly built home, it is best to have the locks rekeyed.

  • If you live in a single-builder community, you should expect to receive master keys. Using the homeowner's key will normally prevent the future use of the key that belonged to the contractor. Nevertheless, you will often times find master pins left behind in the lock. These master pins tend to double the actual number of keys that can be used for the respective lock. Should you contact a locksmith and have him remove rekey the lock, you will get rid of the master pins and hence prevent any other keys from operating your lock.

Why Change Your Locks?

  • One obvious scenario in which you are going to have to replace your lock is that of your keys having been stolen or misplaced somewhere it is impossible to be found again.

  • Secondly, if your lock is not working the right way, it will make your home more vulnerable in front of burglars. So this is yet another emergency that will require a new lock being installed by the professional hand of a residential locksmith. The good news is that no matter if you are looking for a 247 Boston Locksmith or you live in any other region of the country, you should have no problem coming across an authorized and licensed lock technician who can help you immediately replace your old, warn-out, or broken lock with a new one.

  • You should also have your lock replaced whenever you want to buy a new style or a higher quality lock to better protect your home.

  • There are also people who replace their locks for aesthetic reasons or to so they can better accommodate certain disabilities. Installing a lever handle lock will make the lock easier to operate as compared to a knob.

The best way to knowing whether you need lock rekeying or lock change is to consult with a professional locksmith.


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